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We've tried to bring together the items that we think will be of interest to a RememBird owner. If you have a specific problem, you might find the Support section more relevant. Don't forget that much of this information is also in the manual (which is now available in several languages).

What's new?

Louder sound

We've found a way to improve the volume and quality of the internal speaker. We'll modify yours for free!

New Audio Field-guides

South East Asia, Bolivia and Ecuador due soon. Help us prioritize others by telling us which you need.

Upgrade Deals

Mark I owners can upgrade to the latest RememBird at less than half the price of a new one.

New Languages

We've added several new languages recently and more are in the pipeline. See if we have yours here.

User forum

See what other users are doing, look for answers to questions or simply talk to other users.

How to...

Whether you've forgotten or not learned how to use a feature of the RememBird, we can help.

Tips & tricks

As you get familiar with RememBird you might want to try some of the less obvious features.

Useful links

We've collected a number of links to other products, applications and sites that can help you get the most from your RememBird.

Got a Mark II yet?

If you bought your RememBird before 2010, it is a Mark I. You can upgrade for less than half the price of a new Mark II. Click here to learn more.

Looking for Support?

These links may also be of interest: