What is RememBird?

Audio Field-guide

RememBird has enough memory to hold thousands of recordings. It comes with one audio field-guide built in and can have up to seven loaded at once - so you can buy more or create your own. The built-in guides typically cover several hundred species and contain over a thousand individual tracks.

You can play these recordings on your PC/Mac or on RememBird itself. The picture at the right shows how a guide looks on your PC or Mac. A small built-in speaker (like the one in a mobile phone) lets you listen to these in the field and, in this case, RememBird speaks the names of the categories to you.

You choose which species and track you want to hear by pressing the joystick in as you hear the choice you want announced. To listen to a Lesser Antillean Bullfinch from this guide, for example, just hold the play button down for two seconds. You will hear "Antilles" - at which point you click the play button to select this library. Then you will hear "A to D" and click again. Then you hear "A" and, after a brief pause, "B" - at which point you click again. You then hear "Bananaquit" followed by "Bullfinch, Lesser Antillean" and click again. You then hear the names of three separate recordings. When you click on one you'll hear that recording.


Countries/Regions Available

Click here to see which areas our audio field-guides cover. More due soon.

History of RememBird

The original RememBird was launched at the British Birdfair in August 2006.

The "Mark II" was introduced in 2010 - with more memory, audio field-guide as standard and support for external microphones.