Step-by-Step Guide

If you are having problems with your RememBird:

Diagnostic Procedures

We may ask you to perform one or more of the following diagnostic procedures to help determine the cause of your problem.

Finding your RememBird folder

The Song and Notes Organiser writes your recordings and other files to a folder that it creates in your user directory. Several of the other procedures require you to find this folder. You can do this using "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" on Microsoft Windows or with "Finder" on a Mac. The location of this folder varies according to the operating system you are using.Note that this folder is not the one into which the program has been installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\RememBird).

  • On Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and earlier, it is normally at
    C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\RememBird
  • On Windows Vista and 7, it is normally at C:\users\your_username\RememBird
  • On Mac, it is normally at /Users/your_username/RememBird

Sending us a Log File

As the Song and Notes Organiser runs, it writes information to a log file in the RememBird folder. This shows us the version of program and operating system you are using; what you are trying to do and any problems the program encounters. The most recent file is called output0.log and previous files are output1.log, output2.log etc. We may ask you to send us these as an attachment to an email.

Setting a Property Value

There are many optional parameters that can be set to determine exactly how the Song and Notes Organiser operates. Some of these can be helpful in overcoming problems. Do NOT edit this file unless the manual instructs you to or we specifically ask you to. Most of the entries are created automatically and changing them is likely to cause problems. However, if we ask you to "set a property in the property file" please do so as follows:

  • Make sure the Song and Notes Organiser is NOT running.
  • Find your RememBird folder as described above using Finder or Explorer.
  • Open the "props" subfolder.
  • Edit the "ui.props" file (e.g. using notepad)
  • We will ask you to set something in the form "xxxx=yyyy" - so search for any existing entry including "xxxx".
  • If you find an existing entry, edit the line to set the value we asked you to. If there is no existing entry, add a new line to the bottom of the file.
  • Save the file and exit the editor
  • Run the Song and Notes Organiser


Resetting Preferences to Defaults

If you have been experimenting with different settings on the Application or Recorder Preferences dialogs, you may need to reset some or all of these back to the original, factory defaults.

  • Make sure RememBird is turned off and connect it to your computer.
  • Run the Song and Notes Organiser
  • Click the "RememBird Preferences" tool on the toolbar to bring up the preferences dialog.
  • Change the settings you are interested in and Click OK to save them. Default settings are shown here for reference

Single-step Startup

If the RememBird itself will not start, please run the following diagnostic procedure:

  • Remove the battery (this ensures it is completely OFF).
  • Holding the joystick to the left (rewind), connect the RememBird to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  • You should see a single green light stay on
  • You can now release the joystick as the RememBird has entered diagnostic mode
  • Press the song record (musical note) button briefly.
  • All the lights should flash on briefly then a different pattern of lights will show
  • Repeat the above two steps, pressing and releasing the song record button about once a second. The pattern of lights may stay the same for up to 32 presses (though usually far fewer).
  • At some point during the startup sequence, the lights may ripple quickly and the device will appear as a new disk drive on your PC/Mac. If this happens, use the Song and Notes Organiser to update the firmware in the RememBird (click Help > Force firmware update).
  • If the RememBird does not start as above, note the pattern of lights showing and contact us for further advice.

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