£145 inc. VAT

RememBird itself comes with everything you need to start recording - except for the AAA battery:

  • The RememBird recorder itself
  • A mono earpiece
  • A pair of Velcro strips to go on your binoculars
  • A lanyard in case you don't want to use it on your binoculars.
  • A USB lead
  • A single-sheet Quick-start guide

Already loaded onto RememBird are:

To see how RememBird works, check out the My RememBird section of the website - even if you haven't got one yet.



Audio Format (Notes)

44.1KHz sampling, stored in MP3 format @ 64kbps. Format selectable between 32kbps and 128kbps.

Audio Format (Bird song recordings)

44.1KHz sampling, stored in MP3 format, mono @ 128kbps (= 1MB /minute). Format selectable between 64kbps and 384kbps)


Automatically synchronised to PC/Mac time when connected

PC/Mac Interface

USB 2.0

Capacity Indicator

5 LEDs show proportion of memory used.
 0-60% shows green, 60-80% amber, 80%-100% Red.

Recording Control

Two “press and hold to record” buttons

Audio Output

Internal speaker and 2.5mm headphone jack for standard earpiece. Adapter cable available for 3.5mm plugs.

Microphone (Notes)

Proximity microphone.

Microphone (Bird song)

Forward facing higher gain microphone.
Sensitivity: -38±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Sensitivity reduction : Within-3dB at 1.5V, 20Hz-20KHz
Click here for frequency response graph. S/N ratio : More than 58dB
Impedance: Max. 2.2 KΩ Standard power supply: 2.0 V DC

External Microphone (not supplied)

Connect via adapter lead. Configurable
1.25V Microphone bias, 2.2K impedance. Supports most shot-gun and parabolic microphones

External Line-in

Gain adjustable. Stereo input. 1V pk-pk maximum.


1 x AAA Lithium or Alkaline
We recommend high capacity batteries (1000mAh and above). Rechargeable NiMH batteries are not supported.

Battery Indicator

LED flashes green (good), red and green (low), red (critical).


Self-adhesive Velcro® strips supplied.
Note: Applying self-adhesive Velcro® strips to binoculars should be considered a permanent fixing. Attempting to remove the pads may damage the surface finish of the binoculars.


Approximately 50g (2 ounces) including battery.

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Only one RememBird

There used to be a separate variant for use with external microphones - the "RememBird-X".

The current model supports external and internal microphones. Just add the adapter lead if you want to use a shotgun or parabolic microphone.