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We've collected links to a number of other websites that can help you get the most out of your RememBird.

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Your enjoyment of RememBird will be greatly enhanced as you start not only to identify birds from their song but also to appreciate the meaning of the various calls. These books and websites can help you to do this.

If you enjoy recording with RememBird you may want to take your wildlife recording to the next level. The sites below provide guidance on various aspects of wildlife recording.

General Wildlife Recording


Specialist Areas

Once you’ve made a few recordings with RememBird you will probably find some that you want to check the identity of. Our own Audio Field-guides provide excellent reference points for many species but these websites provide even more recordings, some audio, some full video to which you can refer online.

The PC application that ships with RememBird lets you cut and export your recordings but you may want to experiment with more advanced techniques such as background noise removal, sonograms etc. There are many tools available for this - and lots of them are completely free.

General Purpose Audio Tools

  • Audacity - a free tool for general purpose audio processing. Has a wide range of audio processing features. (We use it a lot ourselves!)
  • Lame MP3 encoder - convert your audio files to and from MP3 format.
  • Quintessential Player - useful for uploading and managing your CD-based recordings.


Bird Song Analysis Tools

  • Syrinx - freeware. Sonogram and other analyses
  • Sonogram Visible Speech - freeware sonogram generator
  • Old Bird - links to several specialist tools for analysing birds passing in the night
  • Raven - analysis software from Cornell Lab. for Ornithology. The "Lite" version is free.

While RememBird is always at the ready, you may want to complement it with some more specialist equipment. This page links to some of the most popular equipment suppliers.

  • Sennheiser - directional microphones (click flag in bottom left to select country)
  • Telinga - parabolic microphones
  • SeeMoreWildlife - remote, unattended recording equipment
  • BatBox - specialist bat recording equipment

Got a Mark II yet?

If you bought your RememBird before 2010, it is a Mark I. You can upgrade for less than half the price of a new Mark II. Click here to learn more.

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